Basis of Vedic Astrology

Tatwa theory – Five elements or Pancha-bootas:

From the satvic-amsa of Pancha-bootas (ether, air, fire, water, earth) is born the pancha-gnanendriyas or sense organs.

  • Akasha- ear – Jupiter
  • Vayu- skin – Saturn
  • Agni-eye – Sun
  • Jala-tongue – Moon
  • Pritivi-nose – Mercury

Astrologically Jupiter rules the faculty of hearing, Saturn rules skin and nerves, Sun rules eyesight, Moon rules the liquids in body and Mercury rules the faculty of smell.

From the rajasic-amsa of Pancha-bootas is born the pancha-karmendriyas or faculties of action or sense organs used to perform action

  • Akasha- Speech (voice)
  • Vayu- grasping (hands)
  • Agni – walking (legs)
  • Jala – excretion (anus)
  • Pritivi – procreation (genitals)

From tamasic-amsa of Pancha-bootas is born the tanmatras or sensory perceptions

  • Sound
  • Touch
  •  Sight
  • Taste
  • Smell

These fifteen along with pancha-pranas -prana, apaana, vyana, udhana, samana plus manas – mind and buddhi – Intellect together becomes Sookshma shareera or inner body. The Sookshma-shareera carry the vasanas of previous births and is store house all past deeds. The Sookshma-shareera leaving the body is termed as death. The planetary energies control the Sookshma shareera using pancha-bootas, tri-doshas, tri-gunas and shad-ripus thus taking physical body towards excessive worldly desires. So, understanding planetary energies will help knowing the strengths and weakness thereby solving many problems


Vatha, Pitta and Kapha (Windy, Fiery and Phlegmatic) denotes the physical and mental constitution of human body. They control our physical nature, bodily sufferings and mental makeup of a person. The planets in disharmony at birth can lead to imbalance of tri-doshas leading to frequent illness. Person of Vatha is lean, Pitta is aggressive, Kapha is bulky and calm. Saturn/Rahu and (partly Moon) rule – Vatha, Pitta – Sun/Mars, and Kapha is ruled by Jupiter/Moon/Venus. Mercury rules all three doshas. The entire medical astrology stands on this principle. More of this can be understood from Ayurveda. The sapta-datus ruled by seven planets from Sun to Saturn control different parts of body. The strength or weakness of planets show up as disease in those parts


This is a composite tri-dimensional theory to understand the mental and intellectual calibre of a person viz. Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic nature (balanced, passionate and dull) which has its roots in Bhagavad-Gita Ch. 14. This illusory world is perceived by mind according to dominance of guna in a person. The knowledge of gunas and its emergence helps in effectively dealing with time thereby leading ultimate bliss.

The verses taken from Bhagavad-Gita is here below:

तत्रसत्वं निर्मलत्वात्प्रकादकमनामयम् l सुखसङ्गेन बध्नाति ज्ञानसङ्गेन चानघ ll
रजो रागात्मकं विद्धि तृष्णासङ्गसमुद्भवम् lतन्निबध्नाति कौन्तेय कर्मसङ्गेन देहिनम् ll
तमस्त्वज्ञानजं विद्धि मोहनं सर्वदेहिनाम् l प्रमादालस्यनिद्राबितन्निबध्नाति भारत ll

The Satvic- mode of goodness being purest is illuminating, without sinful action and gives happiness by associating with knowledge

The Rajasic- mode of passion is full of desires, associating with material results bonded towards fruits of action

The Tamasic – mode of ignorance, being in delusion, full of indolence, madness and lethargy

The influence of satvic planets Sun, Moon Jupiter on rising sign and Moon induces satvic guna, influence of rajasic planets Venus and Mercury gives rajasic guna and tamasic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu gives tamasic guna. Also, the signs owned by these planets exhibit their gunas accordingly on posited planets

सत्त्वं सुखे सञ्जयति रजः कर्मणि भारत l ज्ञानमावृत्य तु तमः प्रमादे सञ्जयत्युत ll

The satvic mode of goodness binds to happiness, rajasic mode binds to passion and fruitive activity, tamasic mode to ignorance. The lifestyle and desires of humans can be gauged by planetary influences based upon gunas


The shadripus – Kama (Rahu), Krodha (Mars), Lobha (Saturn), Moha (Venus), Madha (Ketu) and Matsarya (Mercury) are considered worst enemies of humans since it shadows the mind thus inclining one to desires and attachments of material nature. The sole purpose of life is lost due to negative perception caused by these resulting in deviation from the path of self-realization. It is because of these shad-ripus that there is desire for rebirth with confinement to the material world of maya known as karma-vasana

Out of nine planets six planets rule the six types of ripus and three satvic planets Sun, Moon and Jupiter don’t rule any of these being satvic by nature. The four natural malefic planets rule the tamasic ripus viz. Kama (lust-Rahu), Krodha (Anger-Mars) Lobha (greed-Saturn), Madha (arrogance-Ketu). The two rajasic planets rule Moha (desire- Venus) and Matsarya (jealousy- Mercury). By virtue of their ripu character the tamasic planets harms self and others. The rajasic planets don’t harm others but self by unending attachment and jealousy. Ultimately all six ripus are responsible for rebirth. The Satvic remains good for self and others thereby not adding to karmas of past thus leading to moksha

The planets, signs and stars themselves rulers of ripus, doshas and gunas influence us accordingly. Understanding them astrologically and making best use of them is the way forward.


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